Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair Review 2022

Welcome to my post “Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair Review 2022”. Today, we will discuss the Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair in detail.

osaki os6000 massage chair

The Osaki OS-6000 massage chair is primarily an updated Osaki OS-4000 massage chair with some additional functions. I say this because the seats are very similar, but the OS-6000 adds some new technology that makes the increased price tag well worth it.

Infrared body scan technology, quad roller system with dual roller heads, S-track technology, air compression system, and a wide range of massage modes and programs are just a few of the innovative features of the OS-6000. For any massage chair buyer, these attributes alone make this chair a wonderful value.

Designed to deliver a highly personalized massage experience, the Osaki OS-6000 massage chair is packed with features with many of the latest massage technologies on the market today.

What could be better than a trip to the spa for a massage?

A massage in the comfort of your home! Best of all is when you can find a way to completely eliminate the masseuse from the equation so you can enjoy a relaxing massage, any time of the day or night, at your convenience.

Osaki has made a reputation for itself by selling a good range of massage chairs and other massage equipment. One of them is the Osaki OS 6000 executive massage chair.

Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair

On Amazon, you can find four variants of the 6000 series: 6000A, 6000B, 6000C, and 6000D. Going through the four variants, the only noticeable difference we find is the color of each chair. Everything else, including the price, is the same.


Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair Black
Black – Check Price
Osaki OS-6000C Massage Chair Cream
Cream-Check Price
Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair Brown
Brown-Check Price
Osaki OS-6000D Massage Chair Charcoal
Charcoal-Check Price 





Key Features of The Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair

Infrared body scan

Any review of the Osaki OS-6000 massage chair should start with its body scan feature. As you sit in the chair, the rollers move up and down your spine, measuring and adjusting the massage area to suit your height and body shape. Optical 3D scanners are also used in conjunction with rollers to determine the exact position of pressure points on your body. Note that the body sweep also includes the shoulders. As a result, you will enjoy a more effective and personalized massage.

S-Track Systemosaki os-6000 massage chair

Most massage chairs have their rollers arranged in a linear track. The advantage of the S-Track design is that it allows the rollers to follow the natural curvature of the spine. The rollers move in three dimensions: up and down, left and right, and “in and out”, providing superior massage from start to finish.

Quad Roller Systemosaki os-6000 massage chair (Quad Roller System)

Equipped with a four-roller system, the OS 6000 features rollers made of soft, spongy material that enhance the illusion of being massaged by human fingers when sitting in this chair.

These rollers provide a feeling of relaxation when combined with infrared body scanning technology and its various massage types (clapping, kneading, rolling, and tapping) and various massage modes offered including wrist, Swedish, vibration, and massage. air, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Air Massage Mode Osaki-OS-6000-massag-chair-Air massage

The Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair uses more than fifty(50) airbags when set to air massage mode, providing a comprehensive massage covering the hip, thigh, calf, leg, shoulder, and neck areas. In addition, three more airbags are placed in the head pillow and it looks even better. The air massage system is fully adjustable to allow for five different intensity levels, allowing users to customize their massage experience to their preferences.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity Reclining
Osaki-OS-6000-massag-chair-zero gravity

This is absolutely the hallmark feature of the Osaki OS-6000 massage chair. And while it doesn’t really feel weightless, it does come pretty close.

With the push of a button, the chair reclines into the first zero-G position that elevates your knees above your heart. With another pressing of the button, the chair moves to the second Zero-G position. And a third press of the button puts the chair back in the upright position.

Massages performed in either of the two Zero Gravity positions are very relaxing and powerful. The zero-G positions allow for a stronger and more intense massage, thanks to the fact that more pressure is exerted on the rollers. This is an absolutely fantastic feature that you will find yourself making heavy use of. A real guilty pleasure.

Wide Roller Stroke

Another impressive feature of the Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair is the 30-inch roller motion, which allows for a full-body massage, from neck to tailbone, for people 5’3″ to 6’4″ tall.

The MP3&SpeakerOsaki-OS-6000-massag-chair-MP3 Port

On top of everything else, the Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair comes with a built-in MP3 player, with speakers cleverly placed in the headrest.

You can lie back in total comfort, have a world-class massage whenever you want, and listen to your favorite music too, turning the massage chair into a decadent pleasure that you can enjoy in your own home.

LED Remote ControlOsaki-OS-6000-Massage-Chair-Remote Control

The Osaki OS-6000 massage chair has a handheld remote located on a stand next to the chair. The remote has a bright LED display that illuminates active programs on the chair.

On the remote, you will also find all the preset massage programs and manual mode buttons.
Beneath a retractable cover, manual mode options let you adjust the intensity, speed, style, air massage, massage location, and more.

Massage Programs & Techniques

The Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair has six (06) programs:Osaki-OS-6000-Massage-Chair-Techniques

  • Swedish
  • Kneading
  • Shiatsu
  • Tapping
  • Rolling
  • Kneading & Tapping
Manual Mode

To further customize your massage experience, manual mode gives you all the options you need to dial in the perfect massage. Select from different massage techniques, make quick adjustments, and even select the point or area on your body you want the rollers to focus on.


  • Model: OS-6000
  • Manufacturer: Osaki
  • Voltage: AC 110-120V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumed: 230W
  • Timer: 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
  • Dimension: upright 35.4″ x 45.3″ x 58.3″ / Reclining 35.4″ x 45.3″ x 74.8″
  • Weight: 231.5 lbs
  • Reclining Angle: 120 – 170 Degrees
  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Environment temperature: 10° – 40°C
  • Contrasting Humidity: 30-85RH
  • Safety Features: protection from overheating and power surge
  • Airbags: 50

Conclusion of The Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair review 2022

The gist of this Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair review is that the OS 6000 is an exquisite, high-quality massage chair packed with amazing features that you will love. With all the customizing options available, every member of your family can get the exact massage experience they’re looking for, every time.

If you suffer from chronic pain, this massage chair can be a true godsend. But even if you don’t, the sheer pleasure you’ll get from having access to on-demand massages makes the Osaki OS 6000 worth the investment.

If you are looking for a high-quality mid-level massage chair, the Osaki OS 6000 model should be at the top of your list. In terms of value for money, this chair offers many of the same features found in higher-end chairs, but without the high-end price. But if you’re trying to choose whether heat therapy or foot rollers are important to your massage treatment needs.

We hope our Osaki OS-6000 review has helped shed some light on the Osaki os-6000 massage chair, an impressive model, and made your decision process a little easier check the latest price on best seller Amazon by clicking on the following link:


Q: How many bags are there in the Osaki OS-6000 massage chair?

Ans: The Osaki OS-6000 massage chair has 50 bags.

Q: Does this chair have a heating system for the whole back?

Ans: The chair has heat in the lower lumber. However, when it heats up the whole back does get warm.

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