Osaki OS 4D-Pro JP Premium Massage Chair Review 2022

Welcome to my article “Osaki OS 4D-Pro JP Premium Massage Chair Review 2000”. Today We will become aware of the Osaki OS 4D-Pro JP Premium massage chair in detail.

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The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair is one of the current releases from Osaki and is one of their few massage chairs designed and constructed in Japan. The OS-4D Pro JP Premium is assembled by Fuji Medical (Fujiiryoki Japan) and is the same massage chair as their chart-topping OS-4000T model in Japan.

Fuji Medical is the head of the massage chair and invented it back in 1954. The Osaki Japan model is fitted with Fuji’s possession Super Mechanism Technology, making the OS-4D Pro JP Premium one of the best massage chairs on the market today.

44 Airbags are implanted through the OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair. Sit back and relax as the airbags expand and compress on the arms/hands, calves and soles, buttocks, and waist. The gripping and expanding action will force and compress your muscles and body, slowly moderating your pains and exhausting your stress and tension.

This chair has 5 automatic programs and 28 massage techniques that will focus on your legs, thighs, and hips, as well as waist, and back.

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[su_heading size=”18″]Quick Overview of Features of Osaki OS 4D-Pro JP Premium[/su_heading]


  • Made in Japan:

The bulk of massage chairs we import is from China’s manufacturers. But, the Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair is one of the unique massage chairs designed and built only in Japan. The whole world knows Japanese chairs for being far high-caliber than their Chinese counterparts. Because the material and parts used in the Japanese chairs are of higher quality.

  • Manufactured by Fujiyroki:

The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair is not only of Japanese quality but is manufactured by Fujiyroki, a well-known massage chair company in Japan. Their ultramodern massage chairs have never been imported to the United States market before to collaborate with Osaki. This chair offers similar features and specifications as many of its top models at a much lower price point.

  • Kiwami Mecha Based 4D Knead Ball Roller System:

The chair has a cutting-edge “4D” roller system. This chair is very like the chairs that Fujiyroki yields. This allows you to regulate the strength, width, and speed of the rollers as it works the back. The rollers are particular in their ability. This ability is to target especially hard-to-reach areas than many other massage chairs. These areas include the shoulder blade, upper shoulder, back, and neck. This feature of the Osaki OS-4D JP Premium massage chair makes it unique from any other massage chair on the market. The 4D rollers are competent for invasive an industry-leading 10 cm (almost 4 inches) for a deep tissue massage.

  • 10 Auto Programs:

The Kiwami Mecha mode allows you to choose from 5 preset auto programs (Whole Body Rejuvenate, Shoulder Rejuvenate, Waist Rejuvenate, Whole Body Stretch & Whole Body Relax) as well as stronger variations of each of those auto programs.

  • 28 Massage Techniques:

Dive into the chair’s manual programs to unlock 28 massage techniques like Knead Up/Down, Deep Knead Up/Down, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rubbing, Neck Relax, Extreme Kneading & Tapping, Rolling, Stretch, 3D Kneading & Tapping, and more.

  • 44 “Air Magic” Airbag System:

The chair’s revolutionary roller system gives a thorough massage that will leave you wanting more all over your back, neck, and shoulders. But what about the rest of your body? The 44 airbag system is a safety feature. Inside the seat (glutes and upper thighs), arms, outer shoulders, hips/waist, calves, the sides of your feet, and the soles of your feet are all massaged by 44 airbags strategically placed throughout the chair.

  • Modification of the strength of airbags

The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair is unique in that you may now modify the strength of the airbags individually in three areas of the chair: the upper body, lower body, and footrest. Most of the massage chairs we sell only have three settings for adjusting all of the airbags in the chair at once, with no modifications across the chair. If your arms are sensitive, you can choose a lower intensity in the upper portion of the chair while enjoying a deeper airbag massage in the foot region with the OS-4D Pro JP Premium.

  • Human-Like Massage:

From the comfort of your own home or office, get a human-like massage that rivals that of a professional massage therapist.

  •  3D Point Navigation Body Scan:

Before your massage, the Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium massage chair scans your entire body to adapt it to your body type and size. The rollers in the chair can now map the back curve with greater precision than ever before thanks to the chair’s technology.

  • Hot Foot Massager:

While the airbags work on your feet and calves, you may turn on the heating pads for a revitalizing heated massage beneath your foot’s soles.

  • Adjust the Backrest and Foot Ottoman Recline Angles:

Independently recline the backrest of the chair up to 170 degrees and the leg rest up to 147 degrees. For shorter or taller users, the leg rest additionally contains a spring that may be automatically extended or retracted.

  • Simple LCD Remote Control:

The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair comes with a simple LCD remote control. With ease, select any auto program or manual operation. You may also check ” Osaki OS-6000 Top Rated Massage Chair in 2022 “.

[su_heading size=”22″]Detailed Functions and Features:[/su_heading]


Unlike ordinary massage chairs made in China, Taiwan, or Korea, the OS-4D JP Premium is made and built entirely in Japan, with considerably superior parts that will last a long time. While most massage chairs are created in China and Taiwan, chairs made in Japan are recognized to be of far superior quality to those made in China or even Taiwan.

Fujiiryoki, one of Japan’s premier massage chair manufacturers, created the chair. The OS-4D is now one of the most advanced massage chairs on the market, thanks to Osaki’s great customer service in the United States and the real and tested quality of Fujiiryoki chairs.Osaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-4D-Roller-System


The OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair has a 4D knead ball technology. This technology adjusts the pace and time of all 4D movements. These movements stimulate a similar, human-like massage. The ball system can move up and down, side to side, in and out. This can target places that traditional massage chairs can’t reach with accuracy. Such as the shoulder blade, upper shoulder push, and novel side kneading.

Massage techniques of The Osaki OS 4D-Pro JP Premium Massage Chair

Osaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-Hand-KneadingKNEADING WITH A HUMAN-LIKE HAND

A fast release follows a slow, deep kneading massage that simulates the action of human hands.


Rhythmical movements in a tapping motion gradually alter speeds for a more efficient massage.

Osaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-Kneading-MotionMOTION OF KNEADING UP AND DOWN

The Osaki has added Up and down movements to basic kneading and tapping strokes to create a more fluid, smoother massage.


You will get the most human-like Shiatsu acupuncture massage, unlike any other chair.



RELAX IN YOUR CHAIR NECKOsaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-Neck-Relax

Starting at the nape of the neck, gripping and stretching motions extend to the base of the skull. This sort of massage not only relieves stress in the neck area but also increases blood circulation.

TAPPING & KNEADING LOOPOsaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-Loop-Kneading-and-Tapping

This massage creates a loop-like motion by using up and down movements with a variety of kneading and tapping combinations.

KNEADING AND TAPPING OF KIWAMIOsaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-Loop-Kiwami-Knead-and-Tapping

Deep stimulation of the upper shoulders from above helps to reduce trapezius muscle tension.

TAPPING THE SHOULDERSOsaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-Shoulder-Tapping

This calm tapping massage provides relief along the shoulder blade by moving parallel across the shoulder line.

KNEADING AND TAPPING KIWAMIOsaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-Kiwami-Knead-Tapping-Lumbar-Region

The Kiwami Kneading and Tapping technique not only provides deep stimulation to the upper shoulders (as mentioned above), but it also extends to the lumbar region to relieve strains and muscular soreness in the lower back and buttocks.

HIP MASSAGE WITH KIWAMIOsaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-Kiwami-Hip-Massage

The knead balls’ synchronized massage works in tandem with the airbags to massage one of the body’s notoriously difficult-to-reach areas: the hips. This practice improves hip flexibility and relieves lower back pain.


The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair offers 28 massage techniques and capabilities to customize your massage in addition to the select massage techniques mentioned above. Knead Up, Knead Down, Deep Knead Up, Deep Knead Down, Tapping, Wavelet, Shiatsu, Rubbing, Neck Relax, Knead Up, Knead Down, Deep Knead Up, Deep Knead Waist/Hip Massage, Extreme Knead, Extreme Tapping, Rolling, Extreme Knead Waist, Extreme Tapping Waist, Waist 3D Knead Up, 3D Knead Down, 3D Tapping, 3D Tapping, 3D Tapping, 3D Tapping, 3D Tapping, 3D Tapping, 3D Tapping, 3D Wavelet and more.


The OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair comes with ten (10) press-and-go auto programs that begin working immediately after you tap the program. It has five (5) basic courses and five (5) more powerful Kiwami Mecha courses. When you will press the Kiwami mode button, the chair switches to Kiwami mode, which utilizes the chair’s revolutionary Kiwami Mecha 4D massaging roller ball mechanism.
Whole Body Rejuvenate, Shoulder Rejuvenate, Waist Rejuvenate, Whole Body Stretch, and Whole Body Relax are the five core courses.

Whole Body Kiwami Rejuvenate, Shoulder Kiwami Rejuvenate, Waist Kiwami Rejuvenate, Whole Body Kiwami Stretch, and Whole Body Kiwami Relax are the five Kiwami Mecha classes.Osaki-OS-4D-JP-Japan-Premium-Massage-Chair-10-Auto-Program


The OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair uses its patented 3D Point Navigation System. This system scans the body before each massage session to recognize your body type. The chair will measure the length of your spine and know where to massage and where not to massage. The OS-4D JP Premium offers a tailored massage to fit your demands. This happens by scanning the user’s dimensions.



This massage chair offers an industry-leading twelve (12) strength level. These levels are ranging from a gentle rubbing mode to the Kiwami Mecha Mode. This is very powerful and deep kneading. You can choose from seven (7) different strength settings with pre-programmed auto routines. The manual programs, on the other hand, allow you to change up to twelve (12) different strength levels.



You can massage any part of the body with the OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair. The creative roller track and the chair’s 44 airbag system do this. This chair will massage your arms, hands, calves, hips, waist, glutes, shoulders, foot, and soles of your feet. The Air Magic system of the chair performs this. You can adjust the airbag mechanism of the chair to three different levels of intensity.


The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair is unique among other massage chairs. This is because it allows you to change the strength of the airbags in three different areas of the chair. These are the upper body, lower body, and footrest.

This chair allows you to change the airbags to your desired settings. For example, if you like a stronger massage in the foot area but a milder massage in the shoulder area. You don’t have to settle with a single airbag strength option any longer!



You can insert twin therapeutic heating elements under the soles of your feet. These twin elements create a pleasant, mild warmth. while the airbags compress and deflate around your calves and feet. The warm massage action relaxes and loosens the muscles in your foot. This will prepare the airbags.



The waist and hip airbags work together to give you a refreshing massage all over your waist.


The waist and hip airbags stretch the waist and hips diagonally to offer a thorough and strong stretching action.



The waist and hip airbags are on the same side. They work together to deliver a gentle and mild stretch around the midsection.



The chair comes with a powerful, simple-to-use LCD remote control. The remote control allows you to operate the chair’s features with a single button press. You can choose different functions from the remote control. You can even turn on/off the foot heating element.

Furthermore, you can store your chosen recline position using the memory function. Remote control will display all the functionalities. This will allow you to see exactly what the chair is doing.



The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair features a spring slide. The taller users can extend the ottoman while the shorter people can also retract it.



You may increase or reduce the angle of the footrest in this chair on your own. Also, You can vary the angle of the footrest from 0-147 degrees. Most massage chairs do not offer this level of customization.


To place the chair anywhere between 120 and 170 degrees, tap one of the remote’s recline functions. This allows you to customize the massage chair’s angle to your preferences. You must check our detailed discussions on ” Top 5 The Best Reclining Chairs Review 2022 “.



The Osaki OS 4D-Pro JP Premium massage chair can provide a deep tissue massage. If you want a more intense and difficult treatment, then un velcros the back pad and pillow. For easy cleaning, you can remove the padding also.



  • Model Number: 4D Japan
  • Manufacturer: Osaki
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Dimensions: 44 x 32 x 47 Inches
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Negro
  • Air Magic: Yes
  • Feet Massage: Yes (Adjustable)
  • Airbags: 44
  • Roller Type: S-type
  • Roller Length: 27″
  • Power Usage: 135W


  • 100% designed, engineered, and made in Japan.
  • 29 different massage techniques make manual mode incredibly flexible!
  • An extraordinary design where all the components (rollers, airbags) work together in harmony!
  • Considering it costs less than a 3D chair, great value!


  • Roller Track Span of 27″ Restrictive

Recommendations | Why Should You Buy This Chair?

With all the different technologies, choosing a massage chair can be very confusing. That said, the Osaki 4D Pro JP Premium is not for everyone. Who, in my opinion, should consider this chair:

  • If it’s ok with a 27″ roller track

As good as the 4D rollers on this chair are, they, unfortunately, have a restrictive 27-inch reach. What does that mean? This means that the rollers can only hit the neck and back.

  • If you have a small body

4D Pro JP Premium is not for adults. It is important to remember that it was designed in Japan; a country where the average height of men is 5’7 and the average height of women is around 5’3. If you are taller than 1.80m, I strongly advise you not to buy this chair. However, if you have a small frame and are between 5’0 and 5’10, you should be fine. You may consult our detailed discussions on ” Best Massage Chairs Buyers’ Guide 2022 “.

  • If you don’t mind weightlessness and rolling feet

As mentioned above, this chair does not have zero gravity recline capability. Also, it doesn’t come with foot rollers. If you don’t care too much about the latter, you should definitely consider this chair! My personal opinion is that weightlessness and foot rolls are extremely important, and I’m not sure I can live without them!

  • If you don’t mind the MP3 speakers or chromotherapy lighting

The MP3 speakers and LED lighting have no impact on my purchase decision. For me, it doesn’t matter if a chair comes with these features or not. This does not affect the massage function! The Osaki 4D Pro JP Premium does not have speakers or LED lighting. May l? I am not!

  • If deep tissue intensity is a must!

If deep tissue intensity is a must for you, it doesn’t get any better than the 4D Pro JP Premium. 4D rollers outperform 3D rollers when it comes to massage intensity, and this is not only true for deep intensity, 4D can also offer much better light intensity massage compared to 3D.


This is how I would sum up the Osaki Japan Premium 4D massage chair: It’s very good and very little harm!
There are many good things about this chair, but the highlight is the Japanese design and engineering. Everything from the 4D roller system to the airbags to the armrest is very well put together. In my opinion, a full 10/10 in design and engineering!

As mentioned above, the biggest flaw is the limited space of the 27-inch treadmill. 31 inches would have been perfect for this chair. Also, Fuji and Osaki should have spent a little more time on user flexibility, specifically making sure this chair accommodates a variety of heights.

I end by saying this: If you decide to opt for the Osaki 4D Pro JP Premium, you will not regret your decision!
I hope you found this review article useful. If so, consider buying this from the following button!

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Q: What are massage chairs made of?

Ans: Currently, 99% of massage chairs are made from faux leather, also known as faux leather.

Q: Will a massage chair cure my back pain?

Ans: There are no guarantees in life and everyone is different, but in a large number of cases we have found that people with back pain often get relief from massage.

Q: What is a Shiatsu Massage?

Ans: Shiatsu massage therapy is a combination of many different massage and physical therapy techniques, ranging from simple massage and stretching therapy to strong pressure massage. It is a Japanese technique, and the word translates to “finger pressure”. It works by pressing, then stretching, and twisting and is remarkably effective at relieving muscle tension and can leave you feeling refreshed and refreshed. Not only does it work to relieve muscle pain, it can also be used to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Q: Is it the Japanese company Osaki?

Ans: Yes, the name Osaki is a name of Japanese origin, but the company itself is not Japanese and is based in the United States. The truth is, most of Osaki’s best-selling massage chairs are made in China, along with around 90% of all their products.

Q: What is a Zero-G Chair?

Ans: Zero-G is short for Zero-Gravity and is a feature offered by a significant minority of massage chair models. Inspired by NASA, this is a feature that causes the chair to recline into a position where the knees are raised slightly above the heart, leaving you sitting in the chair feeling truly weightless.

Q: What are massage chair airbags?

Ans: Airbags are bladders built into massage chairs that, at the push of a button, can fill with air and then deflate in pulses. Its presence in any model gives this chair a secondary means by which massage can be performed (massage rollers are the main massage technology).

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