Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair [In-depth Review 2022]

Welcome to my review article ” OSAKI OS-4D Escape Massage Chair [In-depth Review 2022] “. Today, we will go through the top-selling product on Amazon Osaki’s Model OS-4D Escape Massage Chair in depth.

[su_heading size=”26″]Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair[/su_heading]

Space Capsule Cover | 4D Massage | Specialized Massage | Ergonomic S-Track | Lumbar & Calves Heat Therapy

How many times have you wished you could escape the daily stress of your life? While a leisurely journey or a relaxing stay can help you relax and unwind, it is ideal and easy to find a way to do this while living in the comfort of your own home.

Say hello to the Osaki OS-4D Escape massage chair. Its name is deliberate – keeping it in your home gives you a way to escape and recharge whenever you need to.

Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair In-depth Review

[su_heading size=”22″]Advantages & Disadvantages of Osaki OS-4D Escape[/su_heading]

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  • Space Capsule Dome w/ Chromotherapy Really Gets You In The Mood For Massage!
  • 4D Rollers Means You Get To Experience The Very Best In Roller Massage Technology!
  • Pricing Is Pretty Decent For A 4D Chair!



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  • Would’ve Liked An L-Track Instead Of An S-Track




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[su_heading size=”22″]Specifications of Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair[/su_heading]

  • Roller type: S-track
  • Roller length: 30 inches
  • Total airbags: 36
  • Straight size: 59 “L x 32.5” W x 54.5 “H.
  • Tilt Dimensions: 72 “L x 32.5” W x 35 “H
  • Chair material: synthetic leather
  • Height range: 5’0 “- 6’3” ft
  • Maximum recommended weight: 280 lbs

[su_heading size=”24″]Salient Features of Osaki OS-4D Escape[/su_heading]

  • Dimensions

Osaki OS-4D Escape Dimensions

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  • Specialty Massage | Aroma Therapy

Osaki OS-4D Escape Specialty Massage

One of the first things you’ll see with the Osaki OS-4D Escape is its space capsule design. The cover of this massage chair is designed to look and feel like a space capsule, giving you a comfortable personal space.

Combine the 4D massage, rollers, and air cell compression therapy with the Aroma cartridge to heighten your feeling of relaxation. The speakers place the Aroma capsule on the exterior portion of the shoulder massager. Take your time to rebalance your mind and body. The Osaki OS-4D Escape is your own personal retreat.

Do you have times when you just want to be alone? This massage chair acknowledges that although companionship is very important, there are many mental and emotional health benefits of being alone.

Convenience is not compromised when you relax and unwind. Osaki Escape is equipped with everything you need when you lie down comfortably. All buttons are easy to reach and well placed so you can easily customize your massage experience.

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  • Chromo-therapy lighting

osaki os 4d escape chromotherapy lighting

Place yourself at zero gravity, push the dome forward and start the chromotherapy function on the inside of the dome, offering a calm calm blue light to enhance your experience and enhance your sense of comfort.

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  • Space-Capsule Cover

Osaki os 4d escape space capsule cover

space capsule

  1. USB port: USB charging port, which can charge smart devices.
  2. Link Up and Lang Button: The backrest frame comes up slowly, while the calf frame comes down slowly. Slowly lift the backrest frame, while the calf frame slowly rises.
  3. Power Button: Turn the massage chair on or off.
  4. Heating button: to turn the heat function on or off.
  5. Fragrance button: Turns the incense treatment function on or off.
  6. Chromotherapy Button: Turn on or off the LED lights inside the dome.
  7. Zero Gravity Button: 2 different stages of Zero Gravity.
  8. Auto Mode Button: Changes the preset massage auto program.
  9. Air pressure button: Selection of air pressure mode.
  10. Pull and shrink the calf button: Manually adjust the footrest to slowly spread, and release to stop. Manually adjust the footrest to gently shorten, and release to stop.

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  • 4D Massage

osaki escape 4D Massage

The next generation of 4D massage rollers is designed for excellent range and flexibility so that the curvature of the back can be accurately mapped. 4D technology allows the user to control the length of the rollers that extend from the back.

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  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity

osaki os 4d escape 2 stage zero gravity

Zero Gravity Mode – Love It Or Hate It? For all the known benefits of a zero-gravity position, a single set position is not always liked by everyone. If you’re one of those people who just can’t seem to enjoy the usual zero gravity mode of most massage chairs, you’ll be glad to know that OS Escape offers two different Reliance Angles. By choosing between two zero gravity positions, you can get the right angle that you feel comfortable and enjoy.

The zero gravity position is the best position to enjoy the massage, aligning your back with the best level of comfort compared to your thighs. 2 Stage Zero Gravity System, means you can choose from 2 different reel angles you want.

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  • Specialized Massage

The desire for massage therapy in targeted areas? This home massage chair will not disappoint. The Osaki 4D Escape has airbags in strategic locations to target individual body parts.

It is equipped with shoulder airbags, arm airbags, a dual seat and airbag, and calf and foot airbags. It also has a foot roller and an expandable footrest that provides complete foot massage therapy.

specialized massage osaki escape

Without forgetting the usual massage therapy technologies, this massage chair has next-generation 4D massage rollers, designed for exceptional range and flexibility that allow it to accurately map the rotation of the back.

4D massage rollers guide from the neck, along the back, to the lower spine through the ergonomic S-track, providing constant pressure and comfortable support. With a curved S-track, this massage chair allows a more even distribution of pressure within your body.

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  • Heating on Lumbar and Calves

Heating on Lumber

The OS-Escape has heating pads on the lumbar area and calves that increase the effect of the massage by losing the muscles.

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  • Ergonomic S-Track

Ergonomic S-Track osaki escape

The S-Track system allows you to massage the roller heads along the waist from the bottom of the neck to the spine with constant pressure in the massage while providing comfortable support.

Normal massage tracks are linear, which creates a contraction in pressure. The S-Track shapes the rotation of the back, giving a more even distribution of pressure.

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  • Extendable & Close Footrest

Osaki Escape Extendable and closed footrest

The Osaki Escape has an automatically extended footrest that can be expanded up to 8 inches. The extended footrest is automatically adjusted using the remote and the closed footrest is equipped with feet and foot rollers.

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  • Smart Technology

Smart Technology Osaki Escape

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  • Sound Therapy

Really want some relaxed voices for a comprehensive experience? This massage chair is equipped with a Bluetooth function so you can hear the soothing sounds from your smart device to the chair’s built-in 3D digital audio system.

[su_heading size=”24″]Final Verdict / Where to buy?[/su_heading]

While we have a full look at the escape, I haven’t shared every single feature. Other notable features include a Bluetooth speaker capable of 4D audio, an expandable footrest that allows the chair to adjust to a height of 5’0-6’3 feet, and of course a foot roller also.

Keeping eyes on its Pros, the Osaki OS-4D Escape massage is worth its price. Amazon is the best seller of Osaki massagers. You can check the latest price of this versatile product by clicking on the following link:

[su_heading size=”22″]Frequently Asked Questions About the Osaki Product![/su_heading]

Q. Is Osaki a Japanese company?

Ans. Despite the fact that the name Osaki is Japanese, the company is not Japanese and is based in the United States. The truth is that many of Osaki’s best-selling massage chairs, as well as over 90% of their whole product line, have made in China.

Q. What is the origin of Osaki?

Ans. According to Japanese folklore, Osaki is a form of ghost possessed by a fox. Osaki-gitsune is another name for them.

Q. What is the definition of a Zero-G chair?

Ans. Zero-G stands for Zero-Gravity and is a feature available on a small number of massage chair models. This innovation, which was inspired by NASA, causes the chair to recline in a position where the knees are lifted just over the heart, making you feel extremely light while sitting in it.

Getting massaged in this posture offers a lot of advantages, including improving blood circulation, decreasing blood pressure, and speeding up recovery time after surgery, but simply put, it allows for a better massage that makes him feel better.

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