Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs Review 2022

Welcome to our article “Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs, Review 2022”. We will discuss today the best zero-gravity chairs in detail.

This guide will tell you about the TOP-5 best zero gravity chairs, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Learn about the health benefits offered by these products and the main aspects to take into account when making the purchase. Find a detailed description of how this technology works and how it can improve your health. Why are some items as expensive as $1,000? Can it fully recline? Answers to these and other common questions can be found below.

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A zero gravity chair is a fantastic thing, I must say. And it’s not just that the technology itself is mainly associated with the future and space, which is not surprising since it was developed by NASA specialists. More importantly, you will be truly impressed by what an incredible impact this item can have on your health.

Mainly, it’s a great stress reliever because gravity puts our bodies under stress day in and day out, something that negatively affects our muscles and joints throughout life. When we use a zero gravity chair, we are suspended in a position so that we are not subject to the force of gravity and the weight of the body is evenly distributed on the chair. This allows us to experience weightlessness.

I bought this chair for myself as I feel exhausted at the end of the workday and need to recharge. But in a large family like mine, that wonder is seldom seen vacant. One day my younger brother is playing on it, another day it is occupied by my mother who developed this item in order to reduce both her back pain and migraines.

What you will learn from this guide:

  • How does a zero gravity chair work?

  • What types of zero gravity chairs are there?

  • What to look for when buying a product

  • Pros and Cons of Using Zero Gravity Chairs

  • The 6 Best Zero Gravity Chairs


These types of chairs recline your body in upright, full recline, or other transitional positions, all of these positions are fixed by a locking mechanism. And what I like most about zero gravity chairs is that you can find a position that is really right for you and stays safe.

The chair can raise your feet to be higher than your heart and in line with your torso, which makes the blood return to your heart more smoothly. The evenly distributed weight allows the pressure of gravity to be reduced throughout the body so that less stress is exerted on some of its areas. According to scientists at the University of Texas, this reduces muscle tension and tension in the spine, in addition to alleviating back pain, expanding lung capacity, and improving blood circulation.

Models that have a massage function strengthen this positive effect, as they make your muscles move better and it is easier for the venous valves to open. When the muscle contracts, it opens the valves in the veins and blood can move upwards. With the muscles relaxed, the valves close, and blood cannot flow back. And yet, you should be aware that there are numerous styles and types of massages that differ in duration and intensity.


There are three types of zero gravity chairs, depending on the criteria we use to group them.


Many products provide for manual position adjustment. In other words, you do it with your hands. Although this is more time-consuming and requires some basic knowledge, these items are generally consumer-grade and won’t set you back more than $200. That said, zero-gravity manual chairs may still have a few extra features or may be designed for two people. , for example.

Another type is a chair that is powered by electricity, something that makes the product much more expensive and will set you back around $1,000 and up. In addition to advanced features, a zero-gravity power chair is usually luxuriously designed and lined with leather.


While this may seem like a non-essential issue, you may regret later that you didn’t consider this aspect when purchasing a product. That is why you must first decide where it will be located. The exterior should be made of a waterproof material that allows you to place it in the yard or take it camping without fear of damaging it. Also, such products should have stands where accessories will be placed to make your outdoor events more comfortable. If you are going to place it indoors, pay attention to the design and make sure it suits your interior. You may take help by going through our detailed article on “Top 10 The Best Massage Chairs Under $1000“.


This is an additional but crucial option as it allows you to get better results. When muscles are massaged, blood circulation improves and stress on the body is reduced. So, in some models, massage machines are inserted inside the pad, which enhances the effect of zero gravity. The only obvious drawback is the high price you’ll have to pay for a high-tech device, with the least expensive product in this category costing as much as two thousand dollars. Depending on other properties, the most expensive can go up to ten thousand dollars.


Now that you know how a zero gravity chair works and its main types, let’s take a look at the product properties you should consider when making a purchase decision.

  • Mesh Material

When choosing a model for outdoor use, opt for items with a mesh material as it breathes well so you can stay cool even in hot weather.

  • Pavilion

As for the sun, exposure to ultraviolet radiation can have negative health effects, since it damages the fibers of the skin and produces early wrinkles and even a tumor. For this reason, an outdoor zero gravity chair should have an option like the canopy so you can put it up or down depending on the weather.

  • Weather-Resistant

Not only the fabrics but also the frame must be waterproof if you intend to use the item outdoors.

  • Additional Padding

Some models come with additional padding, which is not a whim, as it will provide you with better relaxation. Therefore, padded models are considered preferable for older people.

  • Size

If a chair is supposed to be used by a man or someone who is overweight, keep in mind that there are XL models. But if you want to share the pleasure of relaxation with your loved one, choose a double seat model.

  • Warranty

Please note that the warranty period is a clear indication of the quality and durability of the product. Manufacturers that offer warranties for longer periods of time are more trustworthy as they are confident in the quality of their products.


  • It positively affects your ability to work

In most cases, neck and back problems occur because we are working sitting down. Zero gravity chairs form a 120-degree angle between the thighs and the abdomen, alleviating this type of pain. So you can continue to work sitting down. In addition to that, there are models equipped with keyboard trays and computer monitor arms, a kind of “all-inclusive” chair.

  • This is the best sitting position for people with some health problems

These include swelling in one leg, varicose veins, and back, and neck pain. NASA experts have found that a zero-gravity position improves digestion and breathing.

  • A stress-free position

Our psychological state is influenced by a variety of factors, including how we feel physically. In this sense, sitting comfortably for long periods is what you need to feel good emotionally.

  • More expensive.
  • Some models are bulky and take up a lot of room.

Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs Review 2022

Below is a review of zero gravity chairs in the $50 to $900 price range. Here you will find both types of these products, those with manual adjustment and electronic ones. Some models have additional features, such as a canopy, drink tray, or padded pillows.

If you are looking for a product intended to be used by a large person, consider an XL model featured in the review. A double seat zero gravity chair will give you a great opportunity to share pleasure with a friend or loved one. There is also a chair that provides a full body massage only with zero gravity position adjustment.

1۔ Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Chair


Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Chair
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This model is the cheapest and can set you back around $50. For this price, you get a chair made of a durable fabric and steel frame that is capable of supporting 300 pounds. If you just want to try this technology but are not ready to spend several hundred dollars right away, this would be the best option for you. In addition to these benefits, the product is available in 8 colors including camo, red, and blue.

There are multiple recline positions that lock manually and a headrest that can be adjusted as well. It works by elevating your legs, which minimizes pressure on your back. To fix the chair in a relaxed position, release the locks and then lean back. Since the item folds up easily and weighs only 18 pounds, which is not heavy compared to many other products, you can take it with you for an outdoor event.

The downside is the lack of extra features like food trays. Apart from that, it is not easy to get up when you are in a relaxed position, as you need to go forward with your hands.

Product Features:
  • Affordable
  • 300-pound capacity
  • 8 colors available
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Manual position adjustment
  • Effectiveness: 6



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Bliss Hammock is a brand-name product that is 3 times more expensive than the previous item. This model with an adjustable canopy is definitely for those who enjoy relaxing on a beach and live in southern states where sunlight is abundant. A tray designed to hold food and drinks will also come in handy for use outdoors. An overweight or oversized person will want to consider a 33-inch-wide model that will cost an additional $30. Other than that, there are 26-inch-wide and 31-inch-wide options.

Another property that makes the product one of the most suitable for barbecues and camping is the material from which the seats are made. This is a PVC-coated polyester that is strong enough and can support a 360-pound person. The product also comes with a padded headrest and multi-position locks. However, this model is twice as heavy as the previous one, so you may have trouble carrying it around unless you’re transporting the item in a car.

Product Features:
  • Adjustable canopy
  • A 33-inch width option is available
  • 360-pound capacity
  • Attached beverage tray
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Manual position adjustment
  • Effectiveness: 9



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When choosing a product for men, consider this oversized XL model with a padded seat and back. Therefore, it is almost 30 inches wide and 45 inches tall. One quirk I like about the item is a wooden patterned armrest which makes the product look more expensive and actually increases comfort. Like the previous model, this one has a drinks tray included.

The chairs can be adjusted to different positions and fixed with a padlock. While the first model in the review uses twist knobs to lock it, this one has a locking latch that is easier to use. What you need is to pull the clip back or push it forward to lock/unlock position.

It is said that the item can be easily folded and carried. The XL model is not too heavy as the weight is about 25lbs. With its impressive size, the model can support up to 350 pounds, which is less than the capacity of the Bliss Hammock product. And it’s less expensive, costing about a hundred dollars.

Product Features:
  • Oversized XL Model
  • 350 lbs. Capacity
  • Easy Locking
  • Weight: 25 lbs .
  • Manual Adjust
  • Effectiveness: 7



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As for this model, which is approximately in the same price range as the previous two, I would like to draw your attention to the material from which it is made. Mesh is perfect for lounging outside, as you won’t feel uncomfortable when it’s too hot. This item can also hold 350lbs and the fully reclined position is 72 inches long. The frame is made of steel and is strong enough to withstand such pressure, while the item weighs 24 pounds.

A locking mechanism is unsophisticated and, as the manufacturer says, the easiest on the market. The seat is padded and there is a padded pillow that can be attached. The armrests are made of natural wood, a peculiarity that I also like about this product. The downside is that the chair is not weatherproof and cannot be exposed to sun or rain for a long period of time.

Product Features:
  • Padded seat and an attachable padded pillow
  • 350 pound capacity
  • A fully reclined position is 72 inches long
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Manual adjustment
  • Effectiveness: 8


zero gravity massage chair royal chill
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The Real Relax model is the most impressive in the review. This device provides you with a full body massage, with eight rollers massaging your back and fifty airbags placed throughout the chair. To change it to a zero-gravity position, just push a button. The mechanism will work automatically and you don’t have to bother with locking and unlocking it.

There are also heaters for your back and feet, as well as a vibration feature. The device has a timer with half-hour timing. One drawback to this product is its weight (approximately 200 pounds) and its price, which runs to approximately $1,000. But in fact, for zero-gravity massage chairs, this model is relatively affordable. Also, you should keep in mind to use this product indoors because the rain can damage its mechanism. Moreover, it would be quite troublesome to move it.

Product Features:
  • Full body massage
  • Changes to a zero-gravity position at the push of a button
  • Heat and vibration functions
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Electronic adjustment
  • Effectiveness: 10


Q: Which zero gravity chair is the best?

Ans: Of course, an electronic one with a massage function is the best. The question, however, is whether you’re ready to spend about $1,000 and even more on the purchase.

Q: Which one would you recommend for a picnic?

Ans: Look for a weather-resistant model with a canopy for outdoor gatherings. You can try the Caravan Canopy model. Also, make sure the item is too heavy to carry and folds easily.

Q: Do Zero Gravity Chairs Lay Flat?

Ans: Some models like the Timber Ridge can fully recline. However, I’d want to point out that the whole point of these items is to create the most comfortable sitting position possible.

Q: Do they fold?

Ans: Most models with manual position adjustment have perfect folding. This allows you to carry the item more comfortably since the average weight is approximately 25 pounds.

Q: Should you sleep with your legs elevated?

Ans: Of course, the thing is that in this case, the blood flows from the leg veins to the other parts of the body and you feel better at night.

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