Best Japanese Massage Chairs Brands [Detailed Review 2022]

[su_heading size=”24″]Best Japanese Massage Chairs Brands [Detailed Review 2022][/su_heading]

For a long time, Japanese massage chairs have been the industry standard. If you’re considering buying, consider a massage chair made in Japan.

For clarity, Japanese brands such as Panasonic and OHCO are already recognized throughout the world. Japanese brands and manufacturers have shaped the high-end massage chair market. Thus, OHCO introduced the M-series massage chair made in Japan. They are currently setting the standard as a world leader in the massage chair industry.

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Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair Black
Osaki OS-6000A Massage Chair

[su_heading size=”24″]Are massage chairs made in Japan better?[/su_heading]

Innovation and high standards of quality and performance are driven by discerning consumers, competition for Japanese market share, and stringent regulations. One way to understand why massage chairs made in Japan are so popular inside and outside the massage chair industry. It’s about understanding how the nature of the Japanese market has shaped chairs made in Japan and brands that originated in Japan.

The first massage chairs were made in Japan. Thus, the culture built around quality massage chairs began and became concentrated in Japan. In fact, the whole notion of a medical massage chair was a consequence of the rules and regulations established decades ago by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

With this involvement, government supervision and approval of the concept of a medical massage chair. Public interest has grown to the point that more than 15% of Japanese households own a massage chair. In Japan, Japanese-made medical massage chairs are considered essential tools that provide real health benefits.

[su_heading size=”22″]Innovation in Japanese massage chairs[/su_heading]

In Japan, you’ll find the perfect blend of a society attuned to the benefits of massage with a precision-oriented manufacturing culture. This results in innovative Japanese chairs. Armchairs that offer superior, long-lasting, and reliable massage sensations. Japanese manufacturers also offer customer-friendly warranties. So if something goes wrong, you have a team behind you.

Massage chairs as essential home health and medical necessity is a concept that is beginning to take hold in the United States. However, it has been common sense in Japan for decades.

From now on, if you are interested in products certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, such as medical massage chairs. You can explore offerings for Panasonic and OHCO M.Series models made in Japan. For now, massage chairs made in Japan are market leaders in Japan, the United States, and the rest of the world.


[su_heading size=”22″]Massage chair terminologies you need to know![/su_heading]

Before we begin, we need to let you know that there will be terms specific to massage chairs on our list. Here’s a quick reference to help you find the resources you need.

  • 3D massage: You can adjust the intensity of the rollers of the massage chair for a more personalized massage.
  • 4D massage: 4D offers a deeper reach than 3D and can be particularly beneficial for people with back and shoulder problems.
  • Airbags: Typically located in areas that don’t have rollers, airbags provide a compression massage.
  • Air Ionizer: Located in the headrest, this technology cleans the air of dust, dandruff, and other irritants.
  • Body Scan: The massage rollers will be able to target your unique pressure points by adjusting and adapting the rollers to your body.
  • Bluetooth: Connect to the chair speakers for music or guided meditation.
  • Chromotherapy: This light therapy technique helps balance physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy.
  • L Track: The rollers of an L Track move from the neck to the glutes. Sometimes they can even extend to the hamstrings.
  • Memory Settings: You will have the option to save a number of personalized massages.
  • Reflexology: applies pressure to the soles of the feet and the tops of the feet to benefit the whole body.
  • S Track: An S Track massage chair follows the curve of your body and spine, from neck to lower back.
  • Space Saving: You can place your massage chair against a wall and when turned on, it will move forward.
  • Voice Command: Control your massage by telling your chair which program option you want. Some of the best massage chairs also have Alexa functionality.
  • Zero Gravity: This technique stretches the knees and lifts them above the heart, creating a feeling of lightness that also helps decompress the spine. Here we have a list of the top 5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs in 2022.

[su_heading size=”24″]Best Japanese Massage Chairs Brands[/su_heading]

1. Fuji Medical Instrument

Cyber Relax JP-1100

Fujiiryoki, a brand of Fuji Medical Instruments Mfg Co., Ltd., (referred to as FUJI). Fujiryoki invented the world’s first massage chair in Osaka, Japan in 1954. And received the Mechanical Engineering Award from the Japan Society of Engineers. Mechanics in recognition of their special contribution and status.

Fujiiryoki is currently the market leader for massage chairs in Japan, with industry-leading product development, strong brand recognition, an extensive Japanese sales network, and years of accumulated sales experience. Nikkei BP’s “Brand Japan 2019” survey selected FUJI as one of the Top 1,000 Consumer Brands in Japan and ranked 7th in the Medicine & Wellness category.

Fujiiryoki began as a manufacturer of health and beauty products. This, in 1954 was the first in the world to mass-produce massage chairs.

The company spread this unique Japanese culture of massage chairs from Japan to the world. It helped to improve many people’s lifestyles and health control.

Since its inception, Fujiiryoki has always developed products that meet customer needs and today develops a wide range of products certified as medical devices for home use.

Fuji Top-Selling Massage Chairs:
  •  FJ-4800 Fuji Massage Chair – Check Price
  •  Real Hand Feelings Fujiiryoki EC-3800 – Check Price
  • Fuji Medical Device AS-2000BK Massage Chair
  • Cyber Relaxation FJ-8500
  • Dr. Fuji Massage Chair Cyber ​​Relax AS-R900 Massage Chair
  • Cyber Relax JP-1100 Massage Chair
  • Fujiiryoki JP 2000 Massage Chair

2. Panasonic

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra

Panasonic, formerly (1918–2008) Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, Ltd., Japanese Matsushita Denki Sangyō Kk, a major Japanese manufacturer of electrical appliances and consumer electronics. The headquarters are in Kadoma, near Ōsaka. Panasonic is one of the top listed among the Best Japanese Massage Chairs Brands.

The company was founded in 1918 by Matsushita Konosuke to manufacture and market the sockets and plugs for light bulbs that he designed. It was incorporated in 1935 and began to rapidly expand into various electrical product lines. During the 1930s, he added electrical appliances such as irons, radios, phonographs, and light bulbs. In the 1950s, it began producing transistor radios, television sets, tape recorders, sound equipment, and large home appliances.

Over the next decade, he added microwave ovens, air conditioners, and VCRs. Most of its products are marketed under the Panasonic, Quasar, National, Technics, Victor, and JVC brands.

Top-Rated Panasonic Massage Chairs
  • Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair
  • Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra Premium 3d Luxury Full Body Heated Massage Recliner Chair
  • The Panasonic EP-MA10 Massage Chair
  • Panasonic MA-70 Massage Chair

3. Family Inada

Family Inada massage chair
Check Price

Family Inada Co., Ltd. (Inada) (, Famir Inada Kabushiki-Kaisha) is a massage chair manufacturer based in Japan. Nichimu Inada started Inada in Osaka, Japan, in 1962, and invented the first automatic shiatsu massage chair. Mr. Meishoku Kim is the Development Manager of Inada.

Much of its technology development is done at its headquarters in Osaka. Nawa, a small town in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, is home to major manufacturing. Family Inada is one of the Best Japanese Massage Chairs Brands.

Inada introduced the i.1 and H.9 massage chairs in 2001. The H.9 was Time magazine’s invention of the year and became a best-seller in Japan. The D.1 was released in 2003, while the Sogno DreamWave, developed by Toshiyuki Kita, was released in 2008.

The Sogno DreamWave (HCP-10001A) received the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Award and was a finalist for the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) Pinnacle Award 2009. In 2010, Inada won received two more CES Innovation Awards for Inada CUBE in the Home Appliances category and Doctor’s Choice Massage Chair in the Health and Wellness category.

Some of the best Inada massage chairs models are as follow:

  • Smart Body Care Life Vita
  • Inada Robo Massage Chair
  • Inada Nest Massage Chair
  • FLEX 3S HCP-S373

4. Osaki Japanese Brand of Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D Zero Gravity Massage Recliner Chair
Check Price

Osaki is one of the top Japanese Best Massage Chairs Brands and this brand offers its standard line of massage chairs as well as the Osaki Pro line of products. Its flagship line includes most of the high-end features, including body scanning technology, heat therapy, and weightless recline. . The Osaki Pro range offers more luxury elements such as full head massage pods, variable 4D massage technology, and striking wood paneling.

Osaki massage products are manufactured in China and imported into the United States for distribution. Osaki handheld foot, neck, eye, and hand massagers are also available.

Osaki massage chairs receive generally favorable reviews. Most models include premium features like zero-gravity tilt, body scanning technology, S and L guides, heat therapy, and wireless device compatibility. The Osaki Pro range offers a few more sophisticated technological and aesthetic characteristics. Osaki is known for its extensive catalog of products that meet a wide range of customer needs.

Some of the best Osaki Brand massage chairs are as follows:

  • Osaki OS Pro-3D Sigma Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Pro 3D Tecno Massage Chair
  • Osaki Soho II Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Pro 4D Emperor Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-3D Otamic LE Massage Chair
  • Osaki Maxim 3D LE Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro Massage Chair
  • Osaki Maestro LE Massage Chair
  • Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Pro Capella Massage Chair
  • Osaki Hiro LT Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Pro Honor Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Pro Yamato Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-4000XT Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-6000 Massage Chair
  • Osaki TP-8500 Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Aster Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-Monarch Massage Chair
  • Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair
  • Osaki Omni Massage Chair

5. Titan Japanese Brand of Massage Chairs

Titan Best Japanese Massage Chairs Brands

Titan massage chairs are designed to hold slightly more weight than Osaki massage chairs, with a weight limit of 300 pounds (most massage chairs have a weight limit of 285 pounds). Titan massage chairs are also less expensive than Osaki’s; Titan models are under $1,000 on the OTA World website.

Some Titan models feature newer technology than Osaki massage chairs, such as shoulder and foot massage functions. Titan massage chairs specialize in treating back pain, which can be a selling point for customers with lower back issues.

The difference in quality between Titan and Osaki products is not significant. Titan massage chairs also have a favorable rating on Amazon; if anything, the craftsmanship of the Titan massage chairs is a bit neater than that of the Osaki models. There are almost 70 Titan models on the market today, and each probably improves upon the previous one.

Some of the best Titan massage chairs models are as follow:

  • Titan Elite 3D Massage Chair
  • Titan 4D Massage Chair Fleet Wood
  • Titan Jupiter LE Premium Massage Chair
  • Titan Optimus 3D Massage Chair
  • Titan 3D Prestige Massage Chair
  • Titan Pro Commander Massage Chair
  • Titan Pro Ace II Massage Chair
  • Titan Luca V Massage Chair
  • Titan TP-Pro Summit Massage Chair
  • Titan Regal 2 Massage Chair
  • Titan TP-Carina Massage Chair

6. Fujita (premium brand)

Check Price

Like the Apex (see below), these chairs are designed and manufactured in Japan, but the components come from China and the chairs are assembled there. Fujita chairs tend to be aimed at therapeutic or recreational users, depending on the model.

Additionally, their feature implementations tend to be wildly unpredictable, some exceptional and some horrible. If you’re interested in a Fujita, be sure to do your research well, because while some of their designs are great, others will leave you wishing you had gone in a different direction.

The Fujita massage chair was formed by a group of professionals to promote harmony and balance between human beings and mother nature. Fujita is one of the most popular among Best Japanese Massage Chairs Brands. With their headquarters located in Brea, their dedicated team, simple ordering method, efficient distribution, and effective marketing plan, they help their customers and distributors to lead healthy, harmonious, and successful lives.

Fujita design, manufacture and import a variety of high-quality massage chairs to improve health and comfort based on the combined theory of natural healing, physical therapy, and acupressure. Fujita products are designed to fit the body with a natural healthy posture formula that stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress, and relaxes muscles, nerves, and joints.

Fujita has the most comprehensive massage chair product lines, from gentle vibration massage chairs to high-end luxury air massage chairs using air massage technologies. Fujita massage chair has its own R&D department to design and develop future massage products.

Fujita will continue to innovate and amaze the world with resources that deliver therapeutic benefits and innovative products and experiences that deliver life-changing benefits.

Fujita products combine superior patented technology and smart ergonomics with contemporary design, enabling therapeutic relief in any setting. Designed by an experienced team of expert designers and engineers in cooperation with the medical community, our products enable people to enjoy greater health and vitality in their professions, activities, and daily life.

Fujita massage chairs invite you to a dream world that will greatly improve your health. “Solution Massage” is designed to eliminate and release stiffness and fatigue using kneading balls and inflatable pillows. By introducing several new features, which are first in the industry, we have successfully advanced massage technologies and performed “synthetic treatments”.

Some of the Fujita Brand Massage Chairs are as follows:

  • DRS21 4D Massage Chair
  • DRS11 4D Massage Chair
  • SMK92 4D Massage Chair
  • KN9005 3D Massage Chair
  • SMK9600 Massage Chair

7. OHCO Massage Chairs

Check Price

OHCO massage chairs are one of the top-selling Best Japanese Massage Chairs Brands. It always improving and growing. The brand is full of innovations, and we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with what they have to offer now and in the future. OHCO is moving forward as a manufacturer of an amazing massage chair that was designed under the direction of Shiatsu Master-Okabayashi. This means that every movement, every little change that is made to the position, depth, and speed of the rollers has been choreographed with ancient Japanese Shiatsu healing techniques at the forefront.

Some of the popular OHCO massage chairs are as follows:

  • The OHCO R.6 Massage Chair
  • The OHCO M.DX Massage Chair
  • The OHCO R.6 Massage Chair
  • The OHCO M.8 Massage Chair

[su_heading size=”24″]WHAT TO LOOK FOR[/su_heading]

[su_highlight background=”#efe5ba”]WHEN BUYING A JAPANESE MASSAGE CHAIR![/su_highlight]

To find the best Shiatsu massage chair, it is essential that you know what to look for before making your purchase. After all, you don’t want to spend money on the best only to find out they can’t deliver. These are some of the most important parts of a good massage chair.


Shiatsu is a word made up of two Japanese words; “shi” (finger) and “atsu” (pressure). The idea is that the chair provides the same experience. To mimic this, there must be more than one message function available.

Quality Japanese massage chairs will mimic the rolling, kneading, and pounding sensations you expect from a shiatsu massage. A quality chair will also mimic compression, which feels like someone is pressing on the sides of your spine and back.


The power of the massage chair will determine how well you feel the effects of the massage. Ideally, choose a chair that has more than one power setting so you can adjust your preferences per session. The modes describe the different functions discussed above, but also the speed and strength with which the functions are performed.


Some shiatsu chairs (usually the cheapest ones) only focus on the back, shoulders, and neck. These have popularity as ottoman massage chairs. While it may be a good investment if you’re on a budget or if those are your only concerns, a full chair will give you the same experience as a full body massage.

Another thing to consider is whether and how much you want your chair to recline. Some chairs don’t recline, while others offer a full range of motion. Zero gravity chairs mimic the position astronauts find themselves in when they go into space. This allows them to relieve pressure on your back and joints, providing full support to your body. This video shows how a Zero Gravity chair works.

However, you should note that Zero Gravity massage chairs are among the most expensive. You can also choose a heating function if you wish. Finally, consider the padding. They use Leather and synthetic materials, but synthetic materials are more common in high-end chairs to survive wear and tear from heating and movement.


Japanese massage chairs are often an expensive purchase, especially if you choose a high-quality chair with better features for maximum comfort. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a company’s product, they should be willing to back the purchase with a decent warranty. Remember to always compare warranties before making your final purchase decision.

[su_heading size=”18″]Final Thoughts on the Massage Chair Brands We Selected[/su_heading]

The value found in the products of each of these companies will depend on what you are looking for and how much you are willing or able to spend. You must read our article on Best Massage Chairs Under $1000, Under $2000, and Under $3000 also according to your budget. The best brands tend to be the ones that do most of the work (design, engineering, and assembly) in developed countries like Japan, the United States, and Korea, but there are exceptions to this general rule.

[su_heading size=”22″]Our Recommendations![/su_heading]

In our opinion, the following brands are the most recommended:

  • Luraco
  • Human Touch
  • Kahuna
  • Inada
  • Relaxonchair,
  • with an honorable mention for Merax.

You won’t go wrong with any of them! Keep in mind that this is a general review and it is certainly possible to find highly rated models offered by most brands in production today, so careful research is still the best way to find the perfect chair. for you.

[su_heading size=”22″]Frequently Asked Questions[/su_heading]

Q. What are massage chairs made of?

Ans. Currently, 99% of massage chairs are of synthetic leather, also known as leatherette.

Q. Will a massage chair cure my back pain?

Ans. There are no guarantees in life and everyone is different, but in a large number of cases, we have found that people with back pain often get relief from massage.

Q. What is a Shiatsu massage?

Ans. Shiatsu massage therapy is a combination of many different physical massage and therapy techniques, ranging from simple stroking and stretching to high-pressure massage. It’s a Japanese technique, and the word translates to “finger pressure.” It works by pressing, then stretching and twisting, and is remarkably effective in relieving muscle tension and can leave you feeling refreshed and refreshed. It not only works to relieve muscle pain, but you can also use it to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. It has features to imitate the various types of conventional massage, tapping, kneading, caressing, and stretching, you can simply select a set of programs to cover all these techniques to choose your favorite.

Q. What do we advise you?

Ans. The best advice we can give you here is: to listen to your body. A massage or body stretch shouldn’t make you feel any worse afterward than before. If this happens, the intensity setting is too high and you should give your body a break before lowering the setting and trying again.

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